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BBF Strategy Consulting

Get insider tips that save you months of time and $1000s.

In a market where success is rare, it's our belief that most innovative products should succeed-- they just need to focus on the right strategy.

Avoid mistakes

The industry is full of pitfalls; with 2,000+ vendors, the BBF team has seen them all.

Focused, sensible, inexpensive advice

We keep it simple, and focus on the nuts and bolts of what works.

Innovative strategies

Beyond the basics, the BBF team has seen all sorts of "out of the box" strategies, from packaging tricks, pricing, innovative channels and more.


BBF strategy consulting is supposed to be easy win: any one tip will save you $1000s in mistakes or missed opportunities.

Secret Squirrel Coffee • founded in 2011 • Los Angeles, CA
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"We're all learning this stuff on our own... major benefit to connect with BBF as mentors..." - Trevor Smith

Maui Maid Teriyaki • founded in 2010 • Campe Verde, AZ
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"Allowed us to walk away from the corporate life. Until we met BBF, we wondered." - Pamela Mikesell

BBF strategy consulting is ideal for new companies, companies that are new to the US and line extensions outside the parent company's core market. Yes, BBF strategy consulting works very well in conjunction with full-priced consultants-- we'll say many of the same things, but also offer a different perspective. BBF strategy consulting is not ideal for industry veterans with 7-10+ years experience, and companies that are "locked" into their strategy for the next 9+ months and cannot change their packaging, pricing, marketing plans or choice of channels.

BBF consultants share the pitfalls and successful strategies from 1,000 brands with you, and train the rest of the BBF management team on your brand.

1. Join the premium plan

Simply click the 'download contract' link along the side, or email sales@bbfdirect.com -- we recommend BBF consulting for most brands joining Premium, because this funding allows us to spend more time understanding your brand.

2. Assign a consultant to work with you

Because it's more efficient, we use our most experienced staff for consulting and assign a named consultant for you, matched to your product category. The consultant starts by reading about your brand and if you've already sent samples, trying the product.

3. Initial call/meeting

Next, you have a phone call or video session with the consultant-- typically 30-60 minutes.

4. More research

After the call, the consultant does some more research-- competitors, strategies that worked for similar companies, etc. Often, we brainstorm about brands around our office.

5. Writeup

The consultant writes up her findings, the BBF team reviews the work and the marketing team turns this into a professional report.

6. Followup

Finally, we finish with a follow-up meeting between you and the named consultant.

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