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BBF Premium Plan - Smart Sampling

Ship samples to wholesale buyers lower cost and more effectively

Get samples to 100s of top independent accounts

BBF sends your samples to its top independent accounts.


BBF matches your product with buyers by category, price, attributes and more -- so you don't waste samples.

Logistics and Followup

BBF handles the pick-pack, shipping and followup for the orders (small, shelf-stable products only). For many sellers, the program pays for itself in the logistics cost alone.

Haight Street Market • Natural Grocer • San Francisco, CA
"BBF makes it easy to find new products online and with sample boxes." - Bobby Vardakastanis

Ocho Candy • founded in 2011 • Lafayette, CA
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"Stores all over the country tasting our bars... I would have never known they existed..." - Scott Kucirek

Farm Fresh to You • Specialty Grocer • San Francisco, CA
"Samples hand-picked for my store, then a couple weeks later, BBF asks for my feedback. I can do it on my time. It's a one stop shop for artisan producers around the country." - Anderson Yee

Bittersweet Origins • founded in 2004 • Oakland, CA
"BBF Smart Sampling allows us to test the waters without spending a ton of money." - Penny Finnie

Juniper • Monthly Subscription Box • San Francisco, CA
"So fast, much easier to remember what I saw." - Lynn Tao

BBF Smart Sampling is appropriate for any brand that wins new accounts when buyers hold the package and try the product, and for larger companies that give free samples to qualified wholesale accounts. BBF Smart Sampling is less appropriate for functional or commodity products where price or functional attributes drive adoption. For large, refrigerated and frozen products, and products with less than 45 days shelf life, BBF Smart Sampling is a lead generation service where you drop-ship the samples instead of warehousing with us.

Every sample is custom-matched to every buyer; unlike so many samples, BBF buyers open and evaluate our boxes.

1. Join the premium plan

Simply click the 'download contract' link along the side, or email sales@bbfdirect.com -- we recommend Smart Sampling for most innovative new products.

2. Ship your samples (shelf stable products only)

We'll send you shipping instructions to send your products to our samples warehouse.

3. That's it!

If buyers want your products, you'll get orders from BBF. BBF handles the logistics: matching to customers, picking/packing and followup. Depending on the season, how mainstream or niche your category and other factors, it can take 90-180 days to see results and of course, results can vary a lot by brand, with the top brands seeing new accounts from a large fraction of samples, and others seeing no conversion at all.

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