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BBF Premium Plan - BBF Retail Stores

Get into BBF's own high volume retail chain

Where other stores are "sink or swim" and line the shelves with competitors, BBF focuses on hand-selling a small number of products.


BBF retail carries ~100 brands at a time, per store, resulting in 10x the sales per location.

Trained Staff

BBF staff are trained on your products.

Free Demo'ing - All Day, Every Day

BBF are the stores where consumers can try "nearly everything in the store" and staff hand-sell your product.

Ubuntu Coffee • founded in 2011 • Emeryville, CA
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"a good format... along high quality, artisan producers..." - Rich Soenksen

Ocho Candy • founded in 2011 • Lafayette, CA
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"I usually have to pay for sampling, but Buyer's Best Friend does it for me..." - Scott Kucirek

The BBF retail stores are great for new and innovative products where sophisticated consumers can try before they buy. The stores are less appropriate for niche products that require too much education, products that can't be sampled (tasted, smelled, etc.), expensive products over $25 MSRP, purely functional products, widely distributed grocery items. For example, most innovative supplements are niche products that can't be sampled and are not likely to succeed in the stores.

BBF stores focus on hand-selling a small number of brands, where groceries are "sink or swim" and line the shelves with competitors.

1. Talk with a buyer

If the BBF stores are the primary reason you're joining BBF Premium, we strongly recommend that you first ask if your products are a good fit-- email sales@bbfdirect.com

2. Join the premium plan

Simply click the 'download contract' link along the side, or email sales@bbfdirect.com

3. Ship your products

We'll send you shipping instructions to send your products to our San Francisco warehouse.

4. Followup 60-90 days later

Most new products are sold on consignment net of sampling, and we reconcile payment at the end of 60-90 days, to allow enough time for the retail team to try multiple sales strategies. Of course, for best-selling products, we'll contact you first because we'll need a re-order. At this time, we'll also discuss volume discounts, payment terms, etc.

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