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The Leading Source for Specialty & Artisan Products
Need Help? Call 1-888-BBF-4797 or Email buyer-supportatbbfdirect

Inspiring Office Snacks

Healthy office snacks delivered

Healthy Office Snacking
Made Easy

BBF delivers the best & healthiest snacks.

For examples, see our current snack options.

We serve the hottest companies:

We serve the hottest companies

We buy direct and have the most information.

The leading source for healthy snacks, used by everyone from Google, Virgin and Whole Foods.

Largest selection of healthy and delicious snacks

No compromises. With over 156,099 products from 2,667 producers, your team can have delicious and gluten-free, low calorie and high energy, vegan and paleo.

Hottest, newest products

Just like your company, we bring the hottest, newest products. Free samples included.

Local, small-batch producers

Support artisan producers who use the highest quality, all natural ingredients.

Best value

We buy direct from each producer, so you get the most product for your budget.

Easiest, Best Service

We customize to your office, with a dedicated account team and flexible billing and delivery.

We buy direct and have the most information.

BBF Office Snack deliveries are best for offices of 30 - 500 people. For smaller or larger offices, please email getsnacks@bbfdirect.com and we’ll help you select products and streamline the fulfillment. For example, we help companies like Google through our Major Accounts program.

1. Tell us your snack profile and preferences

2. We customize a program to your office and budget

3. Schedule your weekly delivery

4. Employees give us feedback so we can optimize

Our 22,000 square foot warehouse

"Not only does Buyers Best Friend has the best artisan snacks in town, they also have an amazing and helpful staff who are willing to work with the ultra picky staff in our SOMA offices. I would recommend BBF to anyone who wants healthy snacks in their home or offices." - New Relic

"Buyer’s Best Friend staff is extremely helpful in putting together your orders by walking you through step by step. They always include new and exciting snacks which help keep things exciting!" - Greylock Partners

"Buyers Best Friend is a staple in our corporate kitchen. They're accommodating to our needs and are easy to work with." - Leap Motion

BBF Office
Vending CompaniesOnline GroceryShipped Snack Boxes
Local, artisan products
Support startups, know where your food comes from
Fresh fruit from the farm
Support local farmers
Dairy and refrigerated
Stock your fridge, not just your pantry
Customized selection for your office
Snack Curation Engine automatically optimizes selections, new products every week
Huge selection of healthy products
Gluten-free, vegan, paleo, nut-free, low-carb, etc.
Saves time
Save an hour a week managing orders & deliveries.
Invoicing & payment options
CFO-approved! Meets corporate requirements.
Transparent invoicing
No surprise fees or charges
Dedicated Account Team
Dedicated team on call, who know you
email, cellphone; regular visitscall center; yearly visitsn/an/a
Discounts - don't pay retail
Whole Foods quality, Costco prices
we buy direct from middlementhey buy from distributorsn/an/a

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