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BBF Premium Plan - Major Accounts

Leverage BBF to get into large, difficult-to-reach buyers

Reach 100s of the top buyers

BBF works with top buyers, from Whole Foods and The Fresh Market, to top etailers, hotels, airlines, restaurants, distributors and more.

Relevant Introductions

We only make appropriate introductions, and only if you're not already working with them. Once you're talking, BBF helps the negotiation, if you need it, e.g. getting into distributors.


Doesn't affect your margins.

Maui Maid Teriyaki • founded in 2010 • Campe Verde, AZ
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"BBF is changing our lives-- it's been an ongoing explosion of new business. My advice to other brands: do it yesterday." - Pamela Mikesell

Omega Maiden Oils • founded in 2011 • Lamberton, MN
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"BBF got me into two regions of Whole Foods, then set me up with their distributors." - Kathleen Smith

Bandar Foods • founded in 2012 • San Francisco, CA
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"Pitching a company like Whole Foods is complex and BBF got us into two regions of Whole Foods -- BBF made it easy. It's a pipeline into major retailers." - Dan Garblik

JJ's Cocomels • founded in 2008 • Boulder, CO
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"I talked with industry professionals, there was this palpable excitement over this new platform." - JJ Rademaekers

BBF Major Account introductions are best for brands looking to "go big" and not tiny artisan brands with limited production capacity or who want to stay small.

BBF uses trade shows and its network to reach 100s of the country's largest accounts, then offers these buyers a custom, structured buying process, to replace the flood of calls and emails from new sellers.

1. Join the premium plan

Simply click the 'download contract' link along the side, or email sales@bbfdirect.com -- BBF Major Accounts is included free with your Premium subscription.

2. Look for email

Every 1-3 weeks, we match your company against the upcoming presentations to major accounts. Simply click on the links in the email to respond.

3. Additional instructions once you're accepted by a major account

Every Major Account is different, and we'll followup with you and the other brands that were accepted.

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