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Reach 19,586+ independent specialty and natural buyers

Reach over 19,586 independent accounts

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BBF connects you with the buyers, and gives you their full contact information.

Haight Street Market • Natural Grocer • San Francisco, CA
"Without BBF, it takes 15 minutes to order from one vendor-- with 50 vendors, it's easy to forget one." - Bobby Vardakastanis

Farm Fresh to You • Specialty Grocer • San Francisco, CA
"BBF helps alleviate the problems of working with so many vendors. I order them at once." - Anderson Yee

Juniper • Monthly Subscription Box • San Francisco, CA
"Without BBF, I'd have to call every vendor to establish relationships-- I told vendors, you have to get on BBF, it's the Google of artisanal food." - Lynn Tao

JJ's Cocomels • founded in 2008 • Boulder, CO
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"BBF has been great. Super easy to work with, super responsive staff. System is simple and effective-- I receive an order and ship it out." - JJ Rademaekers

Oren's Kitchen • founded in 2007 • San Francisco, CA
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"I need leads, I need accounts. I've never seen a team so responsive. The BBF team works very, very hard."

Taza Chocolate • founded in 2006 • Somerville, MA
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"The food distribution system is messed up. Buyer's Best Friend is changing the dynamic." - Alex Whitmore

The BBF electronic catalog is appropriate for virtually every brand, of any size. For larger brands that sell only through networks of brokers and distributors, use the catalog as a source of leads, and then turn them over to the appropriate sales and fulfillment channel, just as if the customer had contacted your headquarters by phone or email ("turnover orders").

The BBF website was built by a broker and senior Google engineer over the course of 4 years: the site is designed to optimize sales.

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Simply click the 'download contract' link along the side, or email sales@bbfdirect.com -- the Online Catalog is included free with your Premium subscription.

2. Work with our data team

Our data team (producer-support@bbfdirect.com) will reach out to you to create your catalog page.

3. Orders and inquiries arrive by email

Our data team (producer-support@bbfdirect.com) will send instructions.

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