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Tired of 100s of calls and visits from reps? Want a one-stop shop?

For Buyers, BBF simplifies buying:

Minutes to shop among 143,469 of products from 2,941 of companies, including both mainstream and artisan brands. BBF is one of the fastest and easiest sites on the web, built by former software designers from Google (everything) and CNET (electronics), working closely with brokers and buyers. BBF is the fastest way to do category reviews, stock a new store, assemble gift baskets, follow trends, and more.
the richest information anywhere, no more cryptic shorthands or spelling mistakes like you see in distributor databases, because BBF works with manufacturers to get the details right, from photos to shelf life and more.

order samples and open new accounts fast. Establish relationships with manufacturers, without the usual phonecalls, emails and faxes-- with BBF, your reputation carries from one account to the other. In most cases, you can order from a new manufacturer in seconds.

one-click reorders. BBF remembers what you ordered and makes it one-click to reorder either the exact same thing, or add and remove items, change quantities, etc.

Large company buyers: BBF works with major accounts like Whole Foods to save them 1000s of hours on sourcing and evaluating brands. To learn more, email us: inquiries@bbfdirect.com.

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