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  - Brooklyn, NY
Jerky made without all that chemical junk.
  - Oakland, CA
Six ingredient body butter made handmade in California
  - West Haven, CT
Harvesting Truffles since 1911
  - Walpole, MA
Classic and updated French Truffles, Chocolates, Patisserie and Gifts
- San Francisco, CA
It’s not a bonbon; it’s not a truffle. It’s simply brigadeiro.
- Athens, Greece
Authentic food products from the Messinian region
- Seattle, WA
Healthy-lifestyle products to make you look and feel good.
- San Francisco, CA
Sour Flour bakes San Francisco sourdough bread and bagels.
- Rocky Mount, NC
Natural and nature inspired products.
- Danville, PA
A sweet and savory sauce.
- West Palm Beach, FL
Award-Winning Brownie Brittle Snacks
- San Francisco, CA
Awesome Bars are vegan, handcrafted granola bars.
- Passaic, NJ
Creators and leaders of lice prevention.
- Edison, NJ
Authentic recipes of India
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